Reflector: Laser Defense Dev Blog

Reflector Devlog 16

February 07, 2020

My main task this week was the interface for setting job priorities. Since I’m going to be overhauling the entire UI, I decided to start introducing some of the technologies I’m planning on using for that. For now, things are a messy mix of the new and the old. Here’s the current job priority UI:

Job Priority UI

Changes this week:

  • Changed lasers so they can shoot over low things such as colonists and farms
  • Added ability to remove buildings (except occupied houses)
  • Added a basic projector, with a shorter range than the normal projector
  • Set up tailwindcss for future style overhaul
  • Initial implementation of job priority UI (colonists currently ignore job priority)

Next up:

  • Make colonists respect job priorities
  • Add ability to disable jobs for individual buildings
  • Add advanced splitter
  • Add greenhouse
  • Add mining spot (less efficient than mine but free to build)
  • Remove mining action (manually mining vs building a mine has been a source of confusion)