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Reflector: Laser Defense Alpha 1 Release

November 22, 2019

Alpha 1: They Come at Night

You can now play the first alpha release over on itch.io!

Here’s what it all includes:

  • Defend your colony from the waves of drones that attack at night
  • Make the most of every shot by manipulating lasers with splitters and projectors
  • Mine metal so you can expand your colony
  • Build residences to control where your population lives
  • Build walls to buy yourself a few turns before the enemies break through
  • Build projectors to expand the area where you can place reflectors
  • Build mines so you don’t need to mine by hand
  • Randomly generated maps with mountains and lakes to keep things interesting game to game

Up Next

I’m going to take some time to focus on code refactoring and addressing any bugs or balance issues that come up. After a bit of that, I’ll start working on the next release which will be focused on expanding the economy beyond just metal and giving your colonists some things to do.

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