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Reflector: Laser Defense is a hybrid roguelike base-builder about establishing a colony on an alien planet. Survive 10 days to win! It features:

  • Lasers and Mirrors - You have only one defense: your laser. Manipulate the beams to make the most of each shot.
  • Deterministic Combat - Everything dies in one hit, including you. Plan your turn without fear of the RNG.
  • Forgiveness in Moderation - Make a deadly mistake? Undo a single turn.
  • Wave Defense - Defend at night, rebuild and prepare during the day.
  • Four Resources to Manage - Grow food for your colonists, produce metal and machinery for buildings, and generate power to keep things running.
  • Traditional Roguelike Gameplay - Turn-based, grid-based, permadeath.
  • Keyboard and Mouse Controls - Fully playable with mouse and mostly playable with keyboard. (Full customizable keyboard controls coming soon!)